Burger off

Now, about this horse burger nonsense. The thing that interests me is that it was horse DNA found in some of the burgers, so that isn’t necessarily horse “meat” is it? It could be hooves, or tail, or, well, use your imagination. Anyway, it probably won’t kill you. However, it would seem that as a result of the horse burgers, Twitter and Facebook have caught an ebola related pun virus. Haemorrhaging out word play from every orifice, replicating through RTs and likes, desperately seeking the attention of new hosts. What will be the the next innocent news story to be struck down?

Things can’t get much worse than horses in burgers, can they? Maybe they already have, but we haven’t paid enough attention because there was no associated pun virus. For example, do you remember this?

Seems like a perfect pun prompter, but this story quickly disappeared because twitter wasn’t around and it became hidden under a lack of punning. I don’t know if that’s better or worse.

Also this week a British Airways employee won a case that allows them to wear a religious symbol to work. Finally Christians can bear a cross. Seems fair, nobody should be allowed to tell people what they can and can’t wear. Yet, Gok Wan says I can’t wear this season’s flared peplum top because I don’t have an hourglass figure. So much for human rights.