Month: March 2013

Silly Idol

I called this blog Silly Idol as I thought it should be about people in the public eye doing daft things and also I am feeling a bit punk. Although, I feel I should start by mentioning the pope thing. In summary, this week in a big private all boys school, the prefects voted for their new head boy. The winner was a fella called Bergoglio, which sounds like something I had to buy for my nephew last Christmas. And there’s your first conspiracy theory, the new pope is in fact a Moshi monster.

To be fair, despite being included in this blog, the pope hasn’t done anything daft, yet. More importantly, according to the rules of those with an interest in him, you aren’t allowed to idolise him. However, judging by the number of people crying and waving at him in St Peter’s Square on Tuesday I guess that some people do. Standing on a balcony waving back does nothing to discourage them. It only contributes to the breaking of the laws that he is supposed to promote. Let’s not speak of him any further. Let’s talk about Kim Kardashian. Now, I don’t know much about the Kardashians other than they are an American family that isn’t the Waltons. However, my attention was drawn to a story this week about the Kim version of Kardashian. This Kardashian variant had a blood facial carried out on her very own face. If you don’t know what a blood facial is, it’s very Lance Armstrong, and involves having blood taken out of your arm and injected into your face. These celebrity red nose day stunts have gone too far!

Correct me if I’m wrong (although only if you have qualifications to back up your correction) but the blood that’s in your arm, is likely to have been in your face, less than a minute ago? The thing only makes sense to me if she is physiologically, as well as figuratively, heartless.

Moving on to someone else I know little about, Lewis Hamilton. What I know about him is that he drives cars and that these cars must be very good cars as the cars he drives often wins races against other cars. He has announced that he would like to build a museum to himself. As someone who has just bought a private jet and had it painted metallic red, he seems to enjoy making an exhibition of himself. The main purpose of this museum is to display his trophies and his collection of personalised helmets, which will be the biggest collection of headcases put together since the formation of the coalition government. In his defence, his museum is likely to attract greater numbers than if I was to build a museum to myself. My museum would house my collection of angora socks, as well as some empty print cartridges and a Matalan jumper.

Finally, I don’t know much about Chris Huhne either, other than he is a liar, liar, publicly accountable pants on fire. However, I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt. You see, I once took someone else’s points on my Tesco Clubcard. I am also sorry.

Perhaps it is unfair of me to write a blog about people I know very little about. The truth is, we all know very little about them, apart from what we are told (which includes this blog).

I’m off to do some dancing with myself.