Month: December 2016

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with all those you want to be sharing it with.

Here’s a tiny Christmas story for you…

Caesar Augustus decreed that everyone should register their tax return online. As Mary and Joseph did not live in a cable broadband area they traveled to Bethlehem to the nearest Internet cafe.

There was no room at the Inn ternet cafe and so Jesus was born away in a Pret a Manger where Joseph had been making use of the wifi leaking from the Apple store next door.

They were visited by three forensic accountants from HMRC who had followed Joseph’s contactless credit card payments to Pret. Joseph had been declaring his donkey as commercial use only. The donkey was seized.

To avoid the misery of a MegaDonkey, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus did an Uber share to get home. They shared the Uber with three shepherds on their work’s night out. One of the shepherds said he had met an angel. The other shepherds said he’d had his beer goggles on. The Uber share all had a wee laugh.