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14 fascinating Fringe features

Just pitching some Edinburgh Fringe feature articles:

  • Comedians’ favourite artificial hedges at the Fringe
  • QQQ and As – Comedians answer questions about queues while standing in a queue
  • Musical comedians and their favourite decking
  • Ten best places to eat vegans in Edinburgh
  • Is it a tent, or is it a yurt?
  • Tales of flyering Simon Mayo
  • The lanyard awards
  • Three shows about pulled pork
  • Top pop-up bars in pop-up venues to catch before they pop-down
  • Plan your day at the Fringe by pizza slices
  • Best newcomer on a mezzanine
  • Top seven night buses
  • Is 2017 the year of depression and rattan-effect garden furniture?
  • Which recycling bin should you be putting your flyers in?